Stay Informed With The Help Of This Easy Tips And Hints Regarding Vaginal Thrush Symptoms

Should your symptoms worsen or an over-the-counter treatment doesn’t help, contact your GP surgery, or go to your neighborhood sexual health clinic. Thrush isn’t a sexually transmitted infection, but does share some similar symptoms with other infections so it’s smart to rule these out.

Some people realize that vaginal thrush comes home. If you have thrush with symptoms more than four times in a year, it’s known as a recurrent infection. To find out more about this, see our FAQ: Recurring thrush.

Thrush symptoms in women. Symptoms of vaginal thrush. feeling itchy and sore outside your vagina, which is an area called your vulva. a thick, white vaginal discharge (it may appear to be cottage cheese) slight pain when you yourself have sex. pain when you go to the toilet (to pee)

  • Vaginal thrush is common infection easily treated with OTC medication but it can be confused with lots of other conditions and many warning symptoms.
  • It is an extremely common cause of unusual vaginal discharge.

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